4 Years For $4B: OneCoin’s Legal Head Sentenced To Prison

Irina Dilkinska, who previously held the position of legal and compliance chief at OneCoin, was sentenced to serve four years in prison due to her role in money laundering activities. This sentence comes as part of the ongoing legal repercussions following the uncovering of the $4 billion Ponzi scheme.

OneCoin Legal Head Sentenced

Irina Dilkinska, the ex-legal and compliance chief of OneCoin, was given a four-year prison term by US District Judge Edgardo Ramos on Wednesday. The sentence came after she confessed to her role in laundering large sums of money in the multibillion-dollar OneCoin fraud case. According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office declaration on April 3, Dilkinska will serve one month under supervision after prison and pay over $100 million in compensation.

Judge’s Comments

At the court hearing in November, Dilkinska, aged 42, admitted to conspiring to commit wire fraud and money laundering offenses. However, her request to be released from imprisonment and allowed to go back to Bulgaria to look after her kids was denied by Judge Ramos.

Ramos criticized her actions, implying that a man of average intelligence would have made a wiser choice. (Or) Ramos criticized her actions, suggesting that someone with her level of intelligence ought to have thought before acting.

He emphasized 

“She held in her hands the exact information she required regarding what she had gotten mixed up in. It’s a mystery to me why she didn’t withdraw earlier, before the whole thing collapsed.”

Prosecution’s Claims And Charges

From 2014 to 2019, Dilkinska confessed her part in helping Mark Scott, OneCoin’s American lawyer, launder approximately $400 million using false investment funds based in the Cayman Islands. In early 2019, Scott was found guilty and received a prison sentence of ten years.

The judge refused to show mercy to Dilkinska despite her plea, drawing attention to the challenging time she had spent at the Federal Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, which she referred to as a “trial by fire.”

According to a New York-based attorney, Damian Wiliams, 

Instead of following the law and fulfilling her role as the Head of Legal and Compliance, she actively participated in money laundering schemes and contributed to the suffering of countless victims.

OneCoin Saga and Previous Cases

The sentencing of Dilkinska serves as a reminder of the continuing legal consequences for those linked to OneCoin. This organization, co-founded by the notorious “crypto queen” Ruja Ignatova, was actually a $4 billion international scam that didn’t involve any authentic cryptocurrency. Instead, it encouraged members to bring in new recruits and buy worthless OneCoin packages.

In the past, Karl Sebastian Greenwood, a co-founder of OneCoin, was given a 20-year prison term for fraud and money laundering charges, and was mandated to repay $300 million. Additionally, OneCoin’s former legal representative, Mark Scott, received a 10-year sentence in prison.

In 2022, Ignatova remains a fugitive with the FBI offering a top reward for her capture as she has been missing and believed deceased.

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