Ape Fest Attendee Asks For Safety Measures After Infected Severely

The recently organized Ape Fest by Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) has been bashed by attendees after severe damage to their eyesight and skin due to excessive UV lights. 

Asif Kamal, a bored ape NFT holder and one of the attendees, shared that his eyes got infected due to poor quality lights and UV rays. It nearly caused lose his eyesight at the event with immense pain, he said. 

🙏 Let’s create change together! I’m petitioning for Enhanced Safety Measures at Public Events. The incident in Hong Kong at @yugalabs @BoredApeYC fest was a harsh reminder of how precious our safety is. I nearly lost my eyesight, enduring immense pain and anxiety. Please…

— Asif Kamal (@iamasifkamal) November 7, 2023

“The infection was so severe that I almost lost my sight and had to be rushed to a hospital for emergency treatment,” said Asif, adding, “Even now, I am still suffering from the effects of this incident as my face and forehead skin is peeling off.”

While being heavily affected at the event, Asif has took a action towards insisting enhanced safety measures at public events like this. He has started a petition to call regulatory bodies in tightening rules for such events and organizers.  

The petition asks for stricter health precautions and guidelines on safe lighting practices while having limits on UV ray usage at events. 

Ape Fest was organized last weekend on November 3 to 5 in Hong Kong. During the event, several attendees reported that they are facing eyesight issues and skin problems.

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2023-11-09 10:28