Atomic Wallet Asks US Court To Dismiss $100M Lawsuit

Atomic Wallet has asked Colorado District court to dismiss a $100 million lawsuit which the company is facing, claiming it has “no US ties.”

In the dismissal motion filed to the court on November 16, the firm behind Atomic Wallet has argued that its end-user license agreement requires all legal action to be taken in Estonia where it is registered and not the United States. 

The motion states that there is only one user in Colorado out of over 5,500 users who were allegedly affected in the loss of funds after Atomic Wallet suffered a hack of approximately $100 million in June.

Atomic furthermore said that users who were affected in the hack have agreed to its terms of services that cites claiming of $50 per user in the case of losses and asset theft.

In the motion, the company also included that the claims from plaintiff lack legal merit as a legal duty was never created in order to maintain and upgrade Atomic Wallet’s security. It has also struck down the allegations of fraudulent misrepresentation. 

The $100 million lawsuit against Atomic Wallet was filed in August after the non-custodial crypto wallet was exploited in June by the suspected group of hackers from North Korea and Ukraine.  

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2023-11-20 13:08