Bangor Police Alert: $9,000 Lost in Bitcoin Scam

The Bangor Police Department has warned the residents of Bangor about a phone scam that involves a request to put money in the Bitcoin kiosk. In this scam, criminals pretending to be the police call people that their identities were illegally used to secure the release of someone from police custody. Scammers then make the victims deposit some money into a Bitcoin machine with the allegation of resolving the supposed identity confusion.

According to a recent police report, a resident of Bangor fell victim to this scam, losing $9,000. The authorities have indicated minimal chances of recovering the lost funds. The Bangor Police Department has stressed that its officers never request money over the phone for any purpose. Instead, any fines or warrants are processed directly through the judicial system.

Anyone receiving a suspicious call demanding money should refuse the request. Residents should contact the Bangor Police Department through publicly available contact information to report the scam attempt. Authorities urge the community to share this warning with the elderly and other potentially vulnerable residents.

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2024-02-10 04:52