Binance comments on leak in its security system

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has denied claims of a leak in its security system.

After an X post claiming Binance user data was available on GitHub, Binance support noted in a post dated Feb. 5 that there are no leaks in the platform’s system and user accounts remain secure. This is how company employees responded to a statement from user X, who stated that the KYC data of the Binance user was suspected of being sold on the darknet and leaked by hackers.

Our security team has assessed this – as they do all potential threats – and have confirmed there is no such leak from Binance systems. User accounts remains safe.Accounts are secured through many defenses, including MFA, biometrics, authenticators, etc.As always, we…

— Binance Customer Support (@BinanceHelpDesk)

The internet hacker previously claimed they had access to KodexGlobal’s law enforcement requests account, allowing buyers to “subpoena” user information from companies like Coinbase, Binance, Chainlink, and many other firms.

Cybercrime solutions provider Hudson Rock reported that a hacker is selling access to a law enforcement request system account on BreachForums – selling the entire account for $5,000 or $300 per emergency data request (EDR).

“A worrying trend emerges as threat actors hack into the law enforcement systems of major organizations, gaining the ability to legally request personal details of users. This abuse often leads to identity thefts, extortion, and financial losses.”

Hudson Rock report

Previously, the media reported that Binance sent a request to remove a Github account that distributed the company’s internal code and created significant risks for the trading platform. The source claims that the code cache, internal passwords, two-factor authentication data, and other technical information of Binance were publicly available on GitHub.

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2024-02-05 10:39