BitBoy’s Dramatic YouTube ‘Quit’ Sparks Media Buzz

Popular crypto YouTuber Ben Armstrong, BitBoy, tearfully announced his exit from crypto livestreams in a video titled ‘I’m Retiring From Crypto YouTube,’ amassing 80,000 views in a day. 

Despite claiming he probably won’t do crypto livestreams anymore, Armstrong admitted he would still upload three videos a day. In the emotional video, he mentioned financial challenges, allegedly spending $100,000 monthly on lawyers and $25,000 weekly on show production.

This isn’t the first time Armstrong has courted controversy, previously recording drama-filled episodes about a Lamborghini dispute, a public affair, and involvement in a declining token. 

In his latest video, Armstrong concluded, “the show is really all I have now. I’ve lost everything.” It remains to be seen whether this exit is permanent or just another chapter in BitBoy’s unpredictable journey.

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2024-02-02 20:36