Bitcoin Latinum Sues Forbes Writer Over Fraud Article

According to a report, Bitcoin Latinum, a cryptocurrency firm, has filed a lawsuit against tech writer Cyrus Farivar from Forbes for an article that covered another lawsuit against the company. Filed by Arshad Assofi, the lawsuit, at first, claimed Bitcoin Latinum received $20 million from the Trek makers, a claim refuted by Paramount Pictures.

In addition, Farivar’s article contained a quote from SEC chief Gary Gensler saying the crypto market is “rife with frauds, scams, and abuse,” as so voices Assofi. Farivar added, “There are so many swindlers in the world of cryptocurrency and firms without actual products.”

Exactly a year ago, Bitcoin Latinum’s parent company, GIBF GP, Inc. and its CEO Farivar were sued in Delaware and the motives of sponsors and trustworthiness of the sponsors were raised. Many people think that this is a SLAPP lawsuit which is designed to muzzle criticism through legal intimidation.

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2024-02-13 04:52