Bithumb Set to Be First Crypto Exchange Listed in Korea

Bithumb, one of the cryptocurrency exchanges, is preparing to debut on the KOSDAQ, the South Korean version of the Nasdaq stock exchange. This significant move, anticipated to occur in the half of 2025, symbolizes Bithumb’s shift from being solely involved in the crypto industry to becoming a publicly traded company. It reflects the increasing acceptance and integration of currencies within financial systems.

Korean #crypto exchange #Bithumb appears to be in the process of filing for an #IPO on #Kordaq , the domestic #stock exchange. Find out more:#cryptocurrency #cryptonews #fintech #finance

— Jean-Pierre Buntinx (@jdebunt) November 13, 2023

While Bithumb has been reserved about confirming the IPO details, their recent action of appointing Samsung Securities as the underwriter strongly indicates their commitment to this significant venture. This move concerns financial growth and solidifying Bithumb’s position in a highly competitive market.

Leadership and Market Dynamics

The dynamics of Bithumb’s leadership team add an interesting layer to this development. Former chairman Lee Jeong-hoon’s return as the registered director is a strategic move, bringing his experience and insight back into the fold. However, the current CEO, Lee Sang-jun, remains outside the boardroom due to an ongoing bribery investigation, adding complexity to the company’s leadership narrative.

This IPO initiative directly responds to the intensifying South Korean crypto market competition. Bithumb, currently holding the second spot in daily trading volume, is pressured to innovate and expand to keep up with Upbit, the market leader. Upbit’s recent surge, outperforming global giants like Coinbase and Binance in monthly trading volumes, has undoubtedly spurred Bithumb into action.

The road to the IPO hasn’t been without its challenges. The company has navigated through regulatory scrutiny and legal challenges, including the embezzlement charges against significant shareholder Kang Jong-hyun. Despite these setbacks, Bithumb’s pursuit of an IPO is a bold statement of its resilience and forward-thinking approach.

With a trading volume of around $580 million, Bithumb’s planned entry into the KOSDAQ is a significant milestone for the company and a pivotal moment for integrating cryptocurrency into mainstream finance. As Bithumb gears up for this historic step, it showcases its ambition and sets a precedent for other players in the global crypto community.

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2023-11-13 13:08