Bukele Wins Reelection in El Salvador, Vows for  Bitcoin Push

 President Nayib Bukele secured a victory, Citizens of El Salvador approved him for his measures against violent gangs and his continued move to make Bitcoin a legal currency.

After 31% of the votes had been counted, President Bukele had won 83% of the votes in the election. He announced victory before the official result was released, claiming he got more than 85% of the votes.

De acuerdo a nuestros números, hemos ganado la elección presidencial con más del 85% de los votos y un mínimo de 58 de 60 diputados de la Asamblea.El récord en toda la historia democrática del mundo.Nos vemos a las 9pm frente al Palacio Nacional.Dios bendiga a El Salvador.

— Nayib Bukele (@nayibbukele) February 5, 2024

The landslide victory came despite international concerns over El Salvador’s democracy under Bukele. Voters instead focused on Bukele’s policies tackling gang violence and adopting Bitcoin as legal tender.

El Salvador became the first country to accept Bitcoin as legal tender in 2021. Since then, the nation has accumulated over $131 million in bitcoin, turning a $3.6 million profit as of December 2022.

The president’s commitment to promoting Bitcoin is expected to persist during his reelection campaign. His vice president reinforced this stance, affirming the government’s intention to uphold Bitcoin as an official legal tender, signaling the ongoing support for cryptocurrency within the administration.

Bukele’s landslide victory strongly mandates him to proceed with his transformative policies. With gang violence curtailed and the economy boosted by bitcoin adoption, Salvadoran voters firmly supported the president’s agenda.

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2024-02-05 12:36