Crypto community raising ETH to evacuate civilians from Gaza

With tensions persisting between Gaza and Israel, Ethereum community member Kat has initiated a charitable effort using Ethereum to safely relocate local families from harm’s way.

In the last 24 hours, a new fundraising campaign called ETH Evacuations has collected more than $55,000 to help families trying to escape from the Gaza strip. This initiative emerged following reports of heightened clashes in the region after militants affiliated with Hamas entered Israel on October 7, causing hundreds of thousands of Palestinians to be displaced.

A campaign spearheaded by @Katalunia030, who previously held the position of product head at Zora, a creator-centric Ethereum network platform, was initiated on March 10. She introduced to facilitate direct ETH donations to families in Gaza.

— Kat (@katalunia030) March 10, 2024

The momentum for the campaign grew rapidly, as the crypto community became actively involved in promoting it. Kat personally contributed to the campaign and participated in various charitable projects following her trip to the struggling country in June 2023.

Based on Kat’s information, it costs around 1.5 ETH, or roughly $5,000, for an adult and 0.5 ETH, or approximately $2,000, for a child to safely cross the Gaza border at Rafah crossing, which is the only entry point between Egypt and Palestine. It’s said that those using this route must pay “coordination fees.” The funds for these expenses are supposedly provided by the campaign.

At first, Kat assisted her friends and workmates in their evacuation efforts. As contributions grew, she expanded the initiative to reach a larger audience. By March 13, this endeavor had successfully rescued two families from danger.

Two families in Gaza have been helped already, please consider extending your support by donating Ethereum to @katalunia030’s project.

— fezyla (@madamesatoshi) March 13, 2024

During the campaign, numerous NFT artists expressed their commitment by putting up their collections for sale to generate funds. On a particular platform, X, artist “troels\_a” initiated the EVAC open edition project on Coinbase’s base network, with every penny raised going towards the educational initiative. Meanwhile, artist “brian is online,” also present on X, introduced three new NFTs and vowed to double all revenue earned from their sales.

These three pieces are available NOW on @ourZORA

100% of proceeds go directly to @katalunia030’s project , which is raising funds to help 7 families evacuate Gaza.

I will also personally match all mints. Please consider supporting!

— brian is online (@briandotmchale) March 28, 2024

To date, the campaign, which is now 3.5 weeks old, has amassed more than $100,000 in donations, primarily in ETH but also in other cryptocurrencies. This indicates that the fundraising initiative reached beyond the Ethereum network.

A generous contribution of 10 Ether (around $32,868 at the point of arrival) was recently made to the campaign, but unfortunately, the donor’s name has yet to be disclosed.

The campaign showcases the importance of blockchain technology’s transparency in this context. Given past incidents of charitable fraud, this feature is essential for philanthropic initiatives.

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2024-04-03 14:00