Crypto Startups Luring Users With Loyalty Points

The digital-asset startups are now among those offering a loyalty program like that of an airline company to have increased users. Most of these programs though have not adequately explained the rewards that users can redeem their points for.

This move towards bootstrapping, wherein projects give away free tokens to users, is an effort to accomplish better user engagement and face minimum difficulties related to regulatory backing. Nevertheless, the opacity that these points programs present have caused suspicions due to possible scams.

Blast, which does not have a working blockchain, has managed to garner more than $1.3 billion worth of cryptos due to its culture system. People are all itching to May 24th in order to learn what they can get for their points.

Blast TimelineEarly Access (now) – bridge to earn yield + Blast PointsMainnet (Feb 24) – dapps go live, withdrawals enabledRedemption (May 24) – Blast Points can be redeemed

— Blast (@Blast_L2) November 20, 2023

There is also the discussion of whether these points are securities which leads to additional regulatory ambiguity. Furthermore, as opposed to airdrops, things programs have lower ownership and control over the gifts segment.

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2024-02-09 02:28