Dogwifhat reaches a new all-time high as whales reluctant to sell

Today, the meme token Dogwifhat, which runs on the Solana blockchain, experienced a significant surge, gaining 17% in value and hitting a fresh high of $4.61.

In simple terms, WIF (Week in Fiats) has experienced the most significant increase among crypto coins on a weekly basis, surging approximately 90%. Additionally, the price surge of Dogwifhat has influenced Solana’s growth, resulting in an uptick of around 10% for the week.

Although the recent surge in WIF’s price has occurred, the coin’s trading activity remains relatively unchanged based on Coinstats’ data. Specifically, the daily trading volume for this meme coin has grown by a modest 22%. Notably, one of its largest investors has yet to sell their accumulated gains.

The wallet contains approximately $139.5 million in WIF tokens, purchased at an average price of $0.32. The current market value of these tokens represents a profit of around $127.3 million. As reported by CoinStats, the token’s largest holder boasts an unrealized gain of about $127 million, owning $139.5 million worth of WIF.

The whale hasn’t cashed out its tokens for over a month; currently, Dogwifhat ranks as the third-largest meme coin following its new record high in the market.

It has now surpassed PEPE, BONK, and FLOKI, with a market cap of over $4.3 billion. 

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2024-03-30 22:43