ENS Labs Nears $300K Settlement with Manifold Over Eth.link Dispute

ENS Labs and Manifold Finance seem closer and closer to solving the dispute related to the eth.link domain. The dispute was only recently brought to the Ethereum community’s attention in August 2022; however, it may reach a settlement soon with an offer of Manifold Finance to ENS Labs worth 300,000 dollars.

#ENS ENS Labs received an offer from Manifold Finance to resolve the dispute over the eth .link domain.A vote is being proposed to reimburse ENS Labs’ legal fees totaling $750,000 from DAO funds.— CryptoBull_360 | VIP signals (@CryptoBull_360) February 13, 2024

Initially, the eth.link site served as a critical link connecting DeFi projects to the Ethereum Network, proving advantageous to these projects and their users. ENS Labs lost control of the domain during the failed renewal process, and consequently, it was sold and entered into an auction. The matter got worse, and it reached the level of a legal dispute, in which the domain was temporarily back to the ENS Labs because of the intervention of a federal court.

Towards Resolution

As introduced by the pioneer of ENS, Nick Johnson, the proposition from Manifold Finance concerns the commitment to $300,000 and confidentiality. In this manner, the establishment of legal grounds for ICO can go ahead only upon ENS Labs’ acceptance and its Decentralized Autonomous Organisation (DAO) approval. 

Besides, the DAO also proposes a vote on using the DAO capital to remunerate the extensive expert advice, which amounts to $750,000.

Apart from the proposed location, the members of ENA have to make a decision regarding whether to go for legal action or negotiation. The result of this discussion could define the future of the eth.link and its relationship with Ethereum.

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2024-02-13 21:56