Epic Games Lists Shrapnel-Crypto FPS with Call of Duty Vibes

The race for mainstream success among well-funded web3 video games seems to be heating with the launch of “Shrapnel,” a crypto game with a Call of Duty-style approach, on the Epic Games Store. 

This platform, with over 230 million PC gamers, provides a competitive space for “Shrapnel” to contend with other blockchain-powered titles like “Star Atlas” and “Illuvium,” both available in early-access form. 

Early-access releases allow companies to engage and build a community around their games while continuously refining and developing the gaming experience.

Shrapnel, a highly anticipated first-person shooter incorporating NFTs and a crypto token on Avalanche, has officially launched its early access version, named Shrapnel Training Exercises One (STX1), on the Epic Games Store. 

Players must have purchased one of the game’s Extraction Pack access keys to participate. The STX1 early access will consist of three-day play windows, each lasting approximately eight hours. Shrapnel is offering $100,000 worth of SHRAP tokens as prizes during the upcoming session from Thursday, February 8 to Saturday, February 10.

What sets their early-access gaming approach apart is its distinctiveness. Unlike the conventional AAA game release strategy, where studios keep players in the dark about gameplay and design until it’s fully polished, “Shrapnel” involves its community throughout every development stage until the free-to-play game launches in 2025, Neon Machine emphasized.

Although no blockchain game has successfully entered the mainstream gaming industry, Neon Machine considers the early interest in “Shrapnel” to be strong, especially given the game’s current development stage. The company highlighted a thriving online community on Discord with over 100,000 members.

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2024-02-03 15:32