Ethereum Eyes $4,000 by May as ETF Approval Looms

According to Standard Chartered, Ethereum is expected to perform well in the next few months with strong bullish forecasts, soaring towards $4000 by May as a result of approval of ETFs on the altcoin. Yet this optimism is not an evenly held pride. 

However, legal practitioners warn against a strong assumption of planned sailing; for aggressive regulatory relations could be faced and success does not have any guarantee. JPMorgan predicts approval at 50%, while Bloomberg Intelligence thinks approval is more likely than not, estimating a probability of roughly 70%.

The current price of Ethereum is said to be around $2,372 and this is just about how much the project’s market presence is. Even so, investor sentiment is still on the safe side as symbolized by the score of 54 that reflects a relatively neutral Fear and Greed Index. It is the SEC decision in this point of view which has been before us, that will make all eyes open now and consider when the right ill-judged be made like that then it could affect Ethereum’s value.

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2024-01-31 03:32