Friendzone Set to Revolutionize Social Networking on Polygon

Launching on February 26, Friendzone is poised to redefine the social application landscape. Crafted by Band Protocol, Synthetix, and Koinly pioneers, this platform is more than ready to make its mark.

♾️ Billions in value created, yet users are left out. Social platforms have long monetized user interactions with minimal return to end-users.We’re excited to tap into @0xPolygon to power the world’s first social capital marketplace.

— friendzone (@friendzone_pro) February 7, 2024

A Dual-Layer Platform for Social Synergy

CEO Kevin Lu unveils Friendzone’s unique user-friendly interface complemented by LayerSocial. This innovative approach enhances social engagement and paves the way for developers to build novel applications leveraging the platform’s rich social data.

Since December, Friendzone has witnessed a user registration surge of over 600%, with January alone seeing 10,000 completed activities. Initially, access is exclusive to a select circle of partners, investors, and event attendees, showcasing over 3,000 early sign-ups.

Moreover, Friendzone’s future integration with Polygon zkEVM underscores its commitment to expanding its ecosystem. This move signals a leap forward, bridging social connectivity with blockchain’s transparency and efficiency.

Friendzone’s ambitious blueprint for a blockchain-based social nexus is a testament to innovation. Friendzone is pioneering a new digital commune by intertwining social interactions with decentralized technology.

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2024-02-07 20:52