Google Invests €25 Million for AI Skills Training in Europe

Google has committed 25 million euros ($26.98 million) to assist individuals in Europe in acquiring skills in artificial intelligence (AI).

The company revealed this funding initiative on Monday, along with the launch of applications for social enterprises and nonprofits to reach the demographics most in need of AI training.

Additionally, Google plans to host “growth academies” to aid companies utilizing AI in expanding their operations. It has broadened its array of free online AI courses to be available in 18 languages.

Google recently revealed plans to invest $1 billion in constructing a data center near London to address the increasing demand for internet services in the area. 

Adrian Brown, the Centre for Public Impact executive director collaborating with Google on a nonprofit initiative, highlighted that “Research shows that the benefits of AI could exacerbate existing inequalities — especially in terms of economic security and employment.”

Google’s latest initiative aims to assist workers who are significantly affected by changes in the workforce due to AI

The company plans to achieve this by providing funding to different nonprofits, which will in turn help educate these workers. This commitment was made in collaboration with the nonprofit organization Centre for Public Impact.

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2024-02-13 16:04