“I Lost a Lot of Money”: Larry David Laments FTX Super Bowl Ad

In a recent interview, Comedian Larry David said he “lost a lot of money” and now regrets appearing in a Super Bowl ad for the failed cryptocurrency exchange FTX. 

In the interview, David said he consulted cryptocurrency experts before agreeing to do the commercial, which aired during the 2022 Super Bowl and encouraged viewers not to “miss out” on crypto. But FTX collapsed just months later, with its founder Sam Bankman-Fried convicted of fraud in November.

“So, like an idiot, I did it,” David said of the ad spot, for which part of his payment was in now-closed FTX cryptocurrency. 

The comedian said he faced class action lawsuits along with other celebrities over allegedly failing to perform due diligence before promoting FTX. The ad featured David dismissing major innovations throughout history, ending with him rejecting crypto in error.

David joins a number of public figures burned by their associations with FTX, which filed for bankruptcy last November. Crypto ads were notably absent from the 2023 Super Bowl after the downfalls of FTX and other major crypto firms.

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2024-02-02 01:40