Investors Surge to Invest in Raboo (RABT) Since BTC Rallied to $73K! Exposing a Bullish Path for STX and TAO

With Bitcoin‘s price surge past $73k, investor enthusiasm is surging anew in the crypto sphere. This persistent positive outlook is drawing attention to the emerging Raboo token.

After being launched, Raboo has shown that it’s more than just a meme initiative. The combination of AI technology and Social-Fi has resulted in massive interest during its pre-sale, with each token costing an appealing $0.003. Remarkably, the Stacks token and AI-driven Bittensor also joined this trend. Could this mark the beginning of a new era for the crypto world? Let’s explore further.

Investors Flock to Raboo (RABT) Presale as Bitcoin Rallies to ATH

During the ongoing Bitcoin bull market, many investors are drawn to the Raboo presale due to its allure. The distinctive nature of RABT sets it apart in the congested meme coin sector. It offers a novel blend of social-fi and artificial intelligence features, allowing token holders to participate in meme creation for incentives and awards. With Raboo, each hurdle presents a chance to earn.

With the bull market approaching, Raboo’s unique offering as an AI-supported meme coin has drawn interest. Experts anticipate substantial expansion throughout the presale stage and a possible 100x increase in value at launch from its present price of $0.003. Following the launch, RABT intends to rank among the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. Consequently, investors are excited to be part of this trend and leverage opportunities to monetize social media content and engage in a community-built ecosystem.

Stacks Surge 30% to ATH Amid Ecosystem Development

Bitco’s price rise has brought renewed enthusiasm, and the Stacks token experienced a bold jump of 30% in the past week. The Bitcoin secondary platform for smart contracts broke through $3, setting a new peak at $3.65. With a current value of $3.36, STX has shown an impressive gain of 125% since the start of the year.

After the Nakamoto upgrade received approval, there has been a significant increase in activity. This significant improvement to the protocol will boost Stacks’ security and make transactions non-reversible. The Nakamoto testnet is set to launch on March 25th, with the mainnet activation anticipated in May. Therefore, the outlook for Stacks and its expanding community remains optimistic.

TAO Sees Positive Sentiment Despite Retracement

The price of TAO, Bittensor’s AI-driven marketplace, experienced significant growth during the bull market. Lately, however, it has taken a step back, losing approximately 5% of its recent gains in the last 24 hours. Debuted just a year ago, TAO has gained remarkable momentum due to its mission to democratize access to advanced AI and machine learning technologies.

In spite of ongoing discussions about expanding the network and increasing registration fees, TAO’s expansion is clear. Notably, subnet registration costs have jumped by an astounding 10,000% recently. Additionally, TAO has experienced a substantial growth of over 4.3% in just seven days, adding to its yearly increase of 703%. With the ongoing Bitcoin rally, it’s expected that TAO’s influence on AI and machine learning will become increasingly significant, paving the way for broader adoption.


The Bitcoin price surge has brought renewed enthusiasm, leading investors to explore emerging projects such as Raboo (RABT). The presale for this venture has generated considerable buzz, reflecting its unique concept and ambitious goals. Not just Raboo, but Stacks and TAO have also experienced strong rallies. Their determination in the face of market volatility underscores their revolutionary technologies and extensive utility.

You can participate in the Raboo presale here.

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2024-03-31 18:31