Kenosha Residents Beware of Bitcoin ATM Scam

The police department of the state of Kenosha is alerting its residents of the existence of a deceitful scheme involving Bitcoin ATMs that have already hit two people. Scammers are directing generalized threats to electronic devices, falsely advising people that their identities have been compromised and bank accounts would be frozen, unless entailed money is transferred to a “federal box” via a Bitcoin ATM machine.

The alerts are meant to compel victims to hide their hard-earned money. The scammers then direct to the victim the QR code which immediately sends the bitcoin purchased into their account. Moreover, They guide victims to purchase prepaid credit cards and also share pins to use immediately.

Such actions would never be required by any government agency. This is an important message sent by the Kenosha Police Department to residents of the city. They also recommend that while certain Bitcoin ATMs show warnings of possible fraud, scammers might try to lead victims astray and disregard such adhering warnings.

If you are one of the victims of this scam or you have any questions related to this issue, you should call the Kenosha Police Department Fraud Unit at 262-605-5203.

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2024-02-04 00:52