NEAR Foundation & Polygon Labs Partner for WASM ZK Solution

A Swiss non-profit organization, the NEAR Foundation, has announced a partnership with Polygon Labs to create zkWASM, a zero-knowledge (ZK) prover for WebAssembly (WASM) blockchains. This collaboration was unveiled during NEARCON, NEAR’s annual conference in Lisbon.

Expanding the L2 market by introducing Wasm chains to Ethereum.Polygon Labs and NEAR Foundation are teaming up to develop a zero-knowledge (ZK) prover for Wasm blockchains in order to bridge the gap between Wasm-based chains and the Ethereum ecosystem. When complete, a zkWasm…

— Polygon (Labs) (@0xPolygonLabs) November 8, 2023

This partnership aims to enhance the security and interoperability of Web3, the decentralized internet. The zkWASM prover will bring the NEAR Protocol closer to Ethereum, enabling WASM chains to access Ethereum’s resources.

Additionally, it will facilitate chains in sharing liquidity and interacting with other chains through an interoperability layer, including alternative layer-1s, EVM layer-2s, and WASM chains.

Sandeep Nailwal, co-founder of Polygon Labs, mentioned, “The zkWASM prover maximizes developer customizability, providing projects with the option to choose from a variety of provers when building with CDK. This includes launching or migrating an EVM chain or constructing a WASM chain for closer alignment with Ethereum and gaining access to liquidity.”

The zkWASM prover will enhance the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of transactions on WASM chains, unlocking the potential of zero-knowledge technology for the future of Web3.

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2023-11-08 19:16