OKX’s ‘Be a Crypto Player’ Campaign Scored Big in India

OKX, a leading Web3 technology company, launched its cricket-themed ‘Be a Crypto Player’ Web3 ad campaign in India. The campaign was strategically timed to coincide with the 2023 international cricket championship final between India and Australia in Ahmedabad on November 19. The goal was to position OKX as a key Web3 player in India and showcase its comprehensive suite of Web3 products.

The campaign kicked off with a prominent takeover of X across the Indian market on November 19. The ad revolved around a character named Ajay, who was engrossed in the international cricket championship final. In the ad, Ajay heard the voice of OKX encouraging him to become a crypto player and join a community of millions in a new economic system powered by Web3.

Web3 is as exhilarating as an edge-of-your-seat cricket match & you’re right in the middle of the action🏏With 1000s of tokens, NFTs & dApps across 70+ chains, #OKX is the only Web3 app you need.#BeACryptoPlayer & experience the all-in-one #OKXWallet:

— OKX (@okx) November 18, 2023

The aim of the ad was to inspire the wider audience to embrace the world of Web3 via the OKX Wallet, which made crypto accessible for everyone. The ad highlighted the benefits of OKX’s all-in-one Web3 wallet, providing access to 200,000 tokens via its DEX aggregator, as well as thousands of NFTs and DApps across nearly 80 blockchains. 

This campaign followed the recent launch of the OKX Crypto Cricket Cup, an interactive competition that ran from October 5 to November 5 alongside the 2023 international cricket championship. The competition witnessed participation from over 80,000 users and aimed to encourage eligible participants to learn about Web3, capture exclusive, cricket-themed NFTs, and compete for a share of a prize pool worth over USD 200,000.

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2023-11-20 13:57