Onboarding the Next Billion Users onto Web3: Exclusive Interview with Coinweb.com’s CEO, Shawn Munir

By 2027, it is anticipated that Web3 will witness substantial expansion and boast around 1.5 billion users. Consequently, approximately 10% of the global GDP could be held on blockchain technology, representing a market value of approximately $13.4 trillion USD.

For those new to the subject, understanding blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies can be challenging due to the complex nature of these concepts. Misinformation is also becoming more prevalent in this field, making it essential to have reliable and practical resources for the next billion individuals looking to join.

At Coinweb.com, we serve as your reliable companion in navigating the world of Web3. By utilizing advanced AI technology and fact-checked information from industry experts, we sift through the clutter and simplify your exploration of Web3 concepts. The result is accurate, valuable recommendations you can trust to make informed decisions.

During my conversation with Shawn Munir, who is the Co-Founder and CEO, I aim to delve deeper into the project and learn more about his insights regarding the industry.

1. What is Coinweb.com, and what are its primary objectives?Coinweb.com is a powerful web3 search engine where users find and compare the best financial products in crypto. We’re helping the next billion users to navigate the overload of information in the Web3 space and provide them with accurate and reliable information in seconds (not 30 minutes). 

At Coinweb.com, we aim to make the industry more accessible to a wider audience by merging AI technology with the insights of industry experts. As a result, our platform will serve as an trusted guide for both new and established products.

2. What makes Coinweb.com stand out among other platforms in the market with its distinct characteristics and competitive edges? The team behind Coinweb.com, along with their industry professionals, can be considered as web3 pioneers. Some of our renowned experts include Philip Lord (President of Oobit), Sam Khazemian (Founder of Frax), and Sachi Kimya (Polygon). Our advanced AI system enables users to swiftly discover new concepts and obtain precise and valuable answers, all verified by industry experts within moments. Additionally, we implement a stringent content review process to guarantee that the information we deliver is top-notch.

3. Can you discuss the team’s previous accomplishments in the tech industry or related fields?I’m confident that our team can compete head-to-head with the leaders in the industry. We have specific expertise in bringing products to market and successfully steer them.

Shyla Khan, our Head of Growth, previously held the role of communications lead for the prominent blockchain protocol Polkadot. My partner, Sam Farao, brings over two decades of SEO expertise and has successfully exited from two businesses similar to Coinweb.com. I have also co-founded a venture capital management platform named Presail and have personally invested in more than 130 Web3 startups, providing me with a comprehensive understanding of the evolving blockchain industry.

4. What kind of traction are you seeing so far? How are readers responding to Coinweb.com?

In just half a year, our global audience has expanded to include 50,000 unique monthly visitors. We’ve recently debuted our US and Scandinavian sites and are preparing to expand into Asian markets. Our traffic is increasing by 33% every month, which means we’re on course to welcome 3 million monthly visitors within the next two years.

Moving forward, as we expand our team, increase our content output, forge alliances, and strive to enhance the reader experience, we are optimistic about establishing a significant presence in the $51B industry.

5. Who have you partnered with in the crypto space so far?

With over 200 collaborators on board, we’re proud to count some major crypto players among them, such as Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, Crypto.com, Stake, and Ledger.

6. Can you provide an overview of Coinweb.com’s future plans and strategic initiatives?

Over the next year, we’re aiming for significant progress on our ambitious plan. At present, we’re in the process of securing funding through a seed round investment. With these funds, we intend to advance the development of our AI-enhanced search engine, expand our content creation efforts, and introduce new sites for various regions.

Our aim is to use AI technology to quickly deliver accurate answers that have been reviewed by experts and offer a virtual guide for newcomers. We won’t settle for automated content produced in large quantities; instead, we will help users navigate our extensive knowledge base to find the information they need.

Another version could be: we’re looking forward to introducing Coinweb Pro as a sustained initiative, providing advanced features such as superior analysis tools, exclusive insights, and membership to an engaged community.

In the dynamic world of crypto, we value the power of community engagement. As we expand, we’re committed to deepening our involvement in various events and delivering maximum benefit to our followers and collaborators.

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2024-04-04 18:04