Render Network Gives 1.14M RDNR Tokens to New Node Operators

The Render Network Foundation has announced that Render Network, a leading decentralized computing network, will give out up to 1.14 million RNDR tokens to new node operators who join the Render Network through Compute Clients. This allocation is intended for the first year after transitioning to the Solana blockchain. The first partner for this initiative is

At the base of Render Network lies a set of robust GPUs that can handle multiple tasks at the same time, covering a wide range of applications through its software toolkit. The network is capable of assisting with computing tasks linked to machine learning, such as teaching models, making forecasts, and refining them.

Ryan Shea, Advisor to the Render Foundation said, “We’re thrilled to welcome new node operators to the network from external Compute Clients. We hope to see thousands of nodes join the network to power AI, LLM, and other GPU-intensive compute needs.”

The Render Network Foundation has promised to give out 300,000 RENDER tokens out of a total of 1.14 million RENDER tokens by December 31. These tokens will be offered as rewards to encourage new GPU node operators to join as Compute Clients.

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2023-11-04 11:16