SEC Files Charges Against Zipmex Thailand & Former CEO

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has now filed charges to the Provincial Crime Suppression Division against the digital asset trading platform Zipmex Thailand following Mr Akalarp. Yimwilai is charged with a former CEO. SEC later investigated into services of using Z wallet for rewards that thereafter would give bonuses in addition according as well customers on use through their site

According to the SEC, before Zipmex Thailand announced changes in terms of service for ZipUp+ on May 8th, 2022, including turning off deposits and withdrawals from its digital wallet known as Z Wallet, customers’ digital assets were transferred out of their accounts. This contradicts Zipmex Thailand’s statements that assets were not transferred for profit.  According to the SEC, this fraudulent act involves false statements.

Mr. Ekalap is accused of violating Section 82 of the Digital Asset Business Operations Act 2018 for fraud. Zipmex Thailand also allegedly submitted inaccurate customer asset reports to the SEC, violating Section 88 by providing false information. 

The SEC emphasizes that this accusation marks only the beginning of a legal enforcement process. Determining violations will be under the authority of investigating officers, prosecutors, and the Courts. The SEC pledges full cooperation with relevant agencies under the Digital Assets Act.

The SEC filed a complaint against Zipmex Thailand and former CEO Mr. Ekalap over allegations of fraudulent activity, false statements, and inaccurate reporting related to the ZipUp+ services bonuses. The next steps will be led by law enforcement as part of an ongoing legal process.

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2024-02-08 16:04