Sotheby’s to Auction Ether Rock NFT in Sealed Bid Event

Sotheby’s has announced that it is presenting Ether Rock, an early NFT collectible as a Sealed Auction, which will take place from February 14 to February 21. 

Sotheby’s is thrilled to present @EtherRock, an early NFT collectible as a Sealed Auction. — Sotheby’s Metaverse (@Sothebysverse) February 8, 2024

Sotheby’s Sealed Auction is a brand-new online-only sales format, combining the discretion of private sales with the thrill of an auction.

Only the bid that a person has to select the amount to bid and click “Place Bid,” submitted bid will be visible. The top bidder will be the one whose bid exceeds the current high bid. If not, the bidder will be able to see where their current bid stands, but not how much more they must bid to win the lot.

As trailblazers, Ether Rocks represent a turning point in the development of digital treasures. This CC0 clipart features one hundred identically shaped and sized boulders in a variety of color schemes.

This is a very early example of a JPEG tokenized on the Ethereum network; the only novelty is the colors. It was created in December 2017 by an unidentified creator and demonstrates the possibilities of decentralized systems for the production, ownership, and distribution of digital assets. 

The non-fungible token (NFT) that represents each Ether Rock offers a clear and safe means of confirming ownership. This invention has influenced the production of a wide range of digital goods, including music and art, and it has also established the foundation for the larger NFT movement. 

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2024-02-08 23:32