Spanish Embassy’s Strange Crypto Tweets Raise Concerns

The official Twitter account of the Spanish embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina raised concerns this week after posting several unusual inquiries about cryptocurrencies and potential “airdrops” from crypto projects. Over 24 hours, the account posted 41 crypto-related comments, many of which were later deleted.

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Observers noted the unusual nature of the tweets, given that the account had not previously posted about cryptocurrency topics. This situation prompted speculation among some observers about whether the account had been hacked or whether the posts were genuinely from the embassy. As of now, the embassy has not provided any confirmation regarding a potential breach.

The tweets asked various crypto projects about possible airdrops, which refer to free distributions of new cryptocurrency assets to existing token holders. It remains unclear why the embassy account sought details from public blockchain projects. 

Once, the embassy’s account interacted with a post from Hex founder Richard Heart. The account replied to the post, “Stop teasing us. Where is the Pulsechain launchpad you promised?” indicating their interest in the specific launch details of a project Heart was involved in.

Some experts pointed out that the legal status of cryptocurrencies remains ambiguous across much of the world. As reported, “The legal status of cryptocurrencies varies substantially from one jurisdiction to another and is still undefined or changing in many of them.” This uncertainty confuses both governmental entities and crypto users alike.

As of press time, the embassy account had not addressed the unusual crypto-related tweets over the past day. Officials may still be investigating whether the account was indeed compromised. For now, the tweets have sparked discussion around embassy cybersecurity policies and the evolving global regulatory landscape for digital assets.

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2024-01-31 09:40