UK court freezes $7.6m of Craig Wright’s assets

A court in the UK has ordered a worldwide hold on £5.8 billion (approximately $7.6 million) of Craig Wright’s assets, preventing him from moving the money out of the country.

An earlier legal decision this month refuted Wright’s assertion that he is Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin‘s anonymous inventor.

At the hearing led by Judge James Mellor, it was determined by him that Craig Wright did not originate Bitcoin, pen the initial Bitcoin proposal document, or create the initial Bitcoin software releases.

Afterward, Wright notified Companies House in the U.K. about the shift of RCJBR Holding’s shares to DeMorgan, a business based in Singapore.

A recent court ruling, as disclosed by the Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund, calls for seizing about £6.7 million worth of Wright’s assets to cover COPA’s legal expenses. According to court documents, this measure intends to keep these assets from being spent by Wright, who might consider transferring them abroad to dodge the case-related fees. The judge has voiced apprehensions regarding such a possibility.

Previously, Wright tried to resolve the disagreement with COPA amicably outside of court in January to avoid mounting legal fees, but COPA refused this proposal.

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2024-03-29 23:38