Unibot Reimburses Users Following Recent Security Hack

Unibot has fully reimbursed all users who suffered losses due to a recent hacking incident. They’ve spent a total of $1.78 million to cover the money taken from around 600 wallets without authorization.

Unibot Update 🦄🤖The token approval exploit we suffered on Oct 31 has been fully addressed and trading with Unibot is back to normal. As stated previously, the issue was solely related to trades made against a newly deployed router contract that was vulnerable to attack. The…

— Unibot (@TeamUnibot) November 2, 2023

To address the situation, Unibot acted quickly by suspending the contract that was compromised and canceling permissions for the tokens involved. They’re also offering a special deal: zero transaction fees for the next ten days and a promise of better profits for those who hold their tokens in the future.

After the security breach, Unibot’s token lost a lot of its value, but the platform is staying positive and taking steps to improve its security measures.

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2023-11-04 15:32