VGX and Gala Games Partner for In-Game Integration

VGX Foundation has announced a collaboration with Gala Games to integrate VGX, formerly Voyager Digital’s token, into Gala titles. This allows VGX to be used for in-game rewards and purchases. 

The integration comes after Voyager Digital filed for bankruptcy in 2023. With over 278 million VGX tokens still circulating, the VGX Foundation saw an opportunity to give the token new utility.  

Using the GalaChain SDK, developers can now test and deploy VGX rewards into games. Gamers can earn VGX for achievements by buying Gala Games season passes.

“The VGX Foundation is excited to provide new opportunities for gamers in conjunction with Gala Games,” said VGX Foundation Director Claire Abrehart.

VGX aims to drive decentralized gaming economies. As an in-game currency and reward system, VGX empowers gaming communities. The Foundation fosters growth through grants and partnerships to expand VGX’s use cases. 

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2024-02-05 00:36