What will happen after the Bitcoin halving? Experts weigh in on historic moment

Experts share their perspectives on what might transpire following the Bitcoin halving due next month.

Approaching in 2024, the Bitcoin halving has piqued the interest of crypto.news. They sought the perspectives of Kurt Wuckert Jr., CoinGeek’s Chief Bitcoin Historian, and Joshua Petty, Ordinals Wallet’s CEO, on what might transpire following this event.

How does the Bitcoin halving event affect the Ordinals market?

Wuckert Jr.: In contrast, Ordinal’s volume, value, and trading activities are independent of the halving event. This separation strengthens any blockchain with an Ordinals market, as it enables commercial transactions to occur on the chain irrespective of the price of the underlying asset.

Splitting Bitcoin into halves attracts considerable focus. The greater spotlight on BTC currently, the more notice for Ordinals.

What are your thoughts on Bitcoin’s legal status compared to traditional currencies like the dollar, considering potential government intervention?

Wuckert Jr.: I lean towards thinking, “What can possibly halt it?” Bitcoin shares similarities with gold and cash, making it challenging to control when individuals are determined to employ it in diverse manners.

I have faith in its ability to bounce back. If Bitcoin were outlawed, it might resurface under different aliases. Its relationship with governments could take various forms: controlling a large portion on exchanges or through an ETF, serving as the foundation for national digital currencies, or continuing in its present form.

What will happen after the Bitcoin halving? Experts weigh in on historic moment

What implications does the Bitcoin halving event have for the broader market and the infrastructure of mining companies?

Wuckert Jr.:: The idea that bitcoin’s halving leads to less supply, making prices rise, is a compelling one. In actuality, this phenomenon is unfolding before our eyes as individuals rush to secure existing stocks.

How do you view the impact of the halving on crypto adoption among retail and institutional investors?

The tradition of halving has proven effective in the past, and we’re experiencing some excitement in the market due to this trend.

Bitcoin’s halving on the horizon

As retail and institutional investors continue to purchase Bitcoin, the supply is set to decrease at a faster rate. This anticipated decrease in supply, combined with optimistic forecasts, could push Bitcoin’s price beyond $100,000 by the end of 2024.

What will happen after the Bitcoin halving? Experts weigh in on historic moment

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