Optimism Selling $162 Million Worth Of OP Tokens In Private Sale

Table of Content Optimism Flags Imminent Transfer Of Tokens  What This Means For Optimism  Optimism’s Earlier Announcements  Layer-2 network Optimism is selling around 116 million OP tokens, currently worth around $162 million in a private sale, with plans to transfer the funds immediately.  The organization made the announcement in a post and advised the community … Read more

Optimism to sell $156m in OP tokens via private sale

Level-2 blockchain Optimism is set to sell 116 million of its OP tokens to seven private buyers. According to a recent post, the project team will sell tokens to unknown buyers to manage the treasury. Starting Sept. 21, the Optimism team will conduct several transactions with 116 million tokens. Starting today, there will be several … Read more

Microsoft rumored to add crypto wallets to next Xbox

The Redmond-headquartered company aims to develop a new “ecosystem generation” with support for crypto, a leaked document outlined. Microsoft is developing a new set of features for its next gaming console, dubbed Gen 10, including support for crypto. According to a leaked slide deck obtained by Axios, the Redmond-headquartered company is working on support for … Read more

Top gainers and losers

Most profitable crypto: DeGate (DG), Popsicle Finance (ICE), Manifold Finance (FOLD), ARK (ARK), Frontier (FRONT), DeepBrain Chain (DBC), Klever (KLV), WEMIX (WEMIX), StorX (SRX), Gifto (GFT).

Best coins for today

Cryptocurrencies that are trading close to all time high values Games for a Living (GFAL/USDT) Games for a Living rate has changed by 16.84% in the last 7 days. The difference for the last day was 5.93%. Cryptocurrency Games for a Living ranks the 649 place in the rating by capitalization. The price of GFAL/USD … Read more