Ripple CLO Criticizes SEC’s Taxpayer Spending for Overreach

As a seasoned crypto investor with a keen interest in the regulatory landscape, I can’t help but share my concerns over the ongoing tussle between the SEC and the cryptocurrency industry. Stuart Alderoty’s latest statement questioning the use of taxpayer dollars in the SEC’s attempts to expand its jurisdiction beyond legal norms resonates with me. … Read more

Bitdeer Acquires FreeChain in 20M Share Deal to Boost ASIC

As a researcher with a background in technology and mergers and acquisitions, I find Bitdeer Technologies Group’s acquisition of FreeChain Inc. an intriguing development. With my experience in assessing the potential impact of M&A deals on companies, I am particularly interested in this transaction given the complementary nature of the two businesses. Bitdeer Technologies Group, … Read more

Evolved Apes NFT Scam Exposed: Creators Charged with Fraud

As a researcher who has closely followed the NFT market and its associated scams, I am deeply disappointed and frustrated by yet another example of fraudulent activity. The Evolved Apes collection is just the latest in a long line of rug pull schemes that have left innocent investors out of pocket. An unscrupulous business deal … Read more

New York AG Sues NovaTech and AWS Mining for $1B Fraud

As a researcher, I find the allegations against NovaTech Ltd and AWS Mining Pty Ltd deeply concerning. The reported use of unregulated cryptocurrency platforms and the targeting of vulnerable communities based on their religious beliefs is not only unethical but potentially illegal. As a crypto investor, I’ve come across news that New York Attorney General … Read more

Binance Resumes Mastercard Payments to buy Crypto

As an experienced financial analyst, I believe that Binance’s decision to reinstate Mastercard services on its platform is a positive step towards restoring trust and confidence among its users. The regulatory environment for cryptocurrency exchanges has become increasingly complex in recent months, with heightened scrutiny from various global authorities. I, as an analyst, am pleased … Read more