DWF Labs to back Chinese web3 projects with $20m Cloudbreak fund

As a long-term crypto investor with a keen interest in web3 projects, I find DWF Labs’ latest initiative, the Cloudbreak Fund, to be an exciting development. Having followed their investment activities for some time now, I have witnessed their commitment and impact on the Web3 space.

Expert: DWF Labs, a prominent player in the Web3 sector as both an investor and market maker, has announced the establishment of a new $20 million investment fund specifically focused on Chinese Web3 projects and entrepreneurs.

As a crypto investor, I’m excited about the Cloudbreak Fund – a new initiative that I’m part of. This fund is all about providing significant investments and essential resources to web3 projects, helping them grow and thrive in the decentralized world.

Andrei Grachev, managing partner at DWF Labs, shared that his firm has been actively involved in Chinese-speaking territories since 2018. He underlined the significant expansion these projects have experienced recently, expressing optimism that the newly established fund would enable them to fully thrive and reach their maximum potential.

Gachev emphasized that Cloubreak’s debut occurred during a market slump but would bring new life to ongoing projects. By enhancing their financial capabilities and determination, these projects would be more likely to persist in construction.

This investment fund covers a broad spectrum of sectors in the cryptocurrency market. It invests in various areas such as layer-1/layer-2 technologies, meme coins, derivative products, Social Finance (SocialFi), gaming finance (GameFi), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) projects.

Projects working in these sectors have been urged to apply for the fund.

The market maker boasts an impressive track record of investments, contributing significantly to the advancement of projects in the Web3 sector.

Recently, DWF Labs, the leading firm, spearheaded an investment of $5 million for the Milady meme coin initiative. Back in May, they supported another venture by investing in DropsTab, a cryptocurrency information platform.

The company has additionally supported notable blockchain projects, such as the Telegram Open Network (TON), and more recently, it has financed the implementation of cryptocurrency guardian Fireblocks.

As a researcher examining the latest developments in the cryptocurrency sector, I’ve come across an intriguing announcement from DWF Labs. They mentioned having a robust partner network comprised of over 700 projects. Furthermore, they were honored with the title of “Best Liquidity Provider” by Bybit Exchange in the year 2024.

As a crypto investor, I’m thrilled to share that our firm now holds a strategic advantage in supporting projects focused on asset tokenization. We believe we can make a significant impact by offering our expertise and resources to help these initiatives succeed.

Although deeply entrenched in the investment industry, DWF Labs became embroiled in a contentious situation with cryptocurrency exchange Binance more recently.

As a crypto investor looking back at events from May, I recall hearing allegations from the investigation team of the crypto exchange against DWF Labs. They claimed that this company had engaged in market manipulation tactics. Specifically, they pointed out that DWF Labs had artificially boosted trading volume on certain exchanges through the actions of a market maker.

DWF labs denied the allegations, calling them unfounded.

As a crypto investor, I’ve experienced my fair share of market volatility and controversies. One such instance occurred back in April 2023 when crypto commentator Nay levied accusations against DWF, a market maker, for offloading $65 million worth of tokens from projects they had previously invested in.

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2024-07-04 12:38