Hamster Kombat HMSTR Now Ready for Bybit Pre-Market Trading

As a seasoned crypto investor with a knack for staying informed about the latest developments in the market, I’m thrilled to see Bybit expanding its support for upcoming projects on The Open Network (TON) by allowing Hamster Kombat (HMSTR) pre-market token trading on its Pre-Market Trading platform. This new project, which is a tap-to-earn Telegram game where users mine HMSTR coins by managing a virtual crypto exchange, has piqued my interest due to its unique concept and potential for high returns.

As a researcher studying the latest developments in the cryptocurrency market, I’m excited to share that Bybit, a prominent exchange platform, has broadened its support for projects on The Open Network (TON). Specifically, users can now engage in pre-market trading for Hamster Kombat (HMSTR) tokens through Bybit’s Pre-Market Trading feature. This expansion allows traders to get a head start on potential investment opportunities before the official market launch.

According to the recent announcement, a novel Telegram game called “Tap-to-Earn” commences pre-trading for its native HMSTR coins on Bybit’s Pre-Market Trading platform, an over-the-counter (OTC) marketplace, starting July 8, 2024.

The platform enables early token trading, providing a marketplace for users to place bids and execute transactions at specified prices prior to an asset’s formal listing.

“According to the announcement, integrating HMSTR tokens into the Pre-Market platform signifies a substantial advancement. This development enables users to buy HMSTR tokens prior to their availability for Spot market trading.”

Additionally, Bybit allows users to securely set both buy and sell prices for the HMSTR token in advance, offering an innovative feature that goes beyond traditional trading functions and enables users to purchase HMSTR tokens prior to market availability.

The exact date when HMSTR became available for spot trading on the market is not clearly defined, but it can be found on Bybit’s Pre-Market Trading list. Bybit explained that pre-market trading can provide indications of market trends, yet various elements might influence the actual listing price. They cautioned that there may not be a direct relationship between these two prices as they are determined separately by the market.

Based on the data from Bybit’s Pre-Market Trading, the value of HMSTR has been oscillating around roughly $0.001 and $0.1 as of now.

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2024-07-08 18:28