Ledger Stax Finally Ships Hardware Wallets After 18 Months

As a researcher with a background in technology and cryptocurrencies, I’m thrilled to see the shipping of Ledger Stax, the newest secure hardware wallet from Ledger, finally begin for pre-order customers. The collaboration between Ledger and Tony Fadell, the iPod creator, has resulted in an advanced wallet with a curved E-Ink display that significantly improves visibility and energy efficiency.

French tech firm Ledger, known for its secure cryptocurrency hardware wallets, has begun delivering the newly developed Ledger Stax to its early buyers. In collaboration with Tony Fadell, the creator of the iPod, this state-of-the-art wallet boasts a curved E-Ink display for enhanced visibility and power savings.

As a researcher studying the latest developments in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, I’m thrilled to share the news: Pascal Gauthier, the Chairman and CEO of Ledger, recently announced on his X account that the shipping process for their new secure-touchscreen device, Ledger Stax, has commenced for those who have pre-ordered it.

Delighted to share some exhilarating news with you all! The dispatching process for the Ledger Stax, our innovative secure-touchscreen gadget, has commenced for our valued pre-order clients.

— Pascal Gauthier @Ledger (@_pgauthier) May 28, 2024

The Ledger Stax boasts several enhancements over its predecessors, like the Nano S Plus and Nano X. It offers a larger touchscreen that communicates directly with the device’s secure element for smoother usage. In contrast to the Nano S Plus, which relies on USB-C connection, the Nano X and Stax come equipped with Bluetooth functionality, enabling users to carry out crypto transactions wirelessly.

With a pre-order price of around €279, the Stax caters to the premium market segment. Its distinctive curved display not only provides standard information but also shows data on its edge, aiding in distinguishing between various units. This feature is additionally advantageous as it enables Qi wireless charging. Moreover, integrated magnets simplify the process of arranging multiple devices by making them stack and align effortlessly.

Ledger prioritizes security in all its offerings by keeping users’ private keys in a protected hardware component. This measure shields the keys from being accessed even if external devices get hacked. In addition, the business provides a subscription-based solution for those who prefer not to rely on recovery phrases when restoring their devices.

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2024-05-28 14:13