OKX Backs “Blade of God X” AI Gaming with Investment

As a seasoned crypto investor with a background in gaming and technology, I find the news of OKX Ventures investing in Blade of God X incredibly intriguing. The potential for this game to revolutionize the way we approach AI development through gamification is nothing short of groundbreaking.

OKX Ventures has revealed its investment in the intriguing “Blade of God X” project, an action RPG where gamers can actually train an artificial intelligence by engaging in gameplay.

In Blade of God X, the innovative “play-to-train” approach lets gamers engage in intense, Souls-like combat. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, their actions subtly influence an artificial intelligence model’s education.

As a researcher exploring the boundaries of artificial intelligence (AI) development, I find the potential implications of using gaming as a source for vast data sets absolutely fascinating, albeit with some ambiguity regarding the specifics. Could this be the next major advancement in our field? If so, Blade of God X could pave the way for an unprecedented paradigm shift.

As an analyst, I’ve been closely following the developments at Void Labs, the enigmatic studio behind the popular game that has surpassed 6 million downloads and secured $6 million in investments from esteemed backers like Delphi Ventures and BreederDAO. The anticipation surrounding their project is palpable given its impressive metrics. However, Void Labs has yet to disclose any specific details about their upcoming plans.

The God X Blade from Epic Games Store is now accessible in an early release stage. It’s garnering acclaim for its intense battle sequences and the added feature of Web3 integrations, including NFT trading for items.

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2024-05-12 03:32