Top OKX Executives Tim Byun, Wei Lan Abruptly Exit Exchange

Two key executives at OKX, including their Global Government Relations Chief, Tim Byun, and product head, Wei Lan, have decided to leave the exchange. During the years 2018-2020, Tim Byun served as the CEO of OKcoin’s American branch, concurrently Wei Lan managed the trading desk at this cryptocurrency exchange. Top Executives Depart Abruptly  Top executives … Read more

UK wants to be a ‘global hub’ for crypto, but will it happen?

Two years ago, Britain made a final effort with proposals for an NFT project, but it ended sadly. Now, a major obstacle looms once more. The British government has declared its intention to make another attempt at turning the U.K. into a leading destination for cryptocurrency on a global scale. At the Innovate Finance conference … Read more

Spider-Man star Tom Holland’s X account hacked to push crypto scam

Movie star Tom Holland’s X account was hacked lately, resulting in bogus advertisements for SPIDER cryptocurrency and Spiderverse NFTs being spread. With over 7 million followers, the account made a false announcement that actor Tom Holland, known for his role as Spider-Man, was teaming up with Binance to introduce “Spiderverse” – a new crypto project. … Read more

Ore Creator Offers Incentives to Alleviate Solana Congestion

Chad, the innovator behind the Ore initiative under the Hardhat label, has put forth a plan to the Solana Foundation. His proposal aims to encourage testnet usage with Solana’s native token, SOL, in response to network congestion causing transaction failures that have escalated to approximately 75%. Imho if solana wants to incentivize testnet spam, foundation … Read more