ZachXBT Expose PRESI Token Controversy Involving Sexyy Red

As an experienced blockchain analyst, I find ZachXBT’s discoveries troubling and raise serious red flags about the recent launches of the PRESI token and the previous one. The fact that the same team allegedly purchased an overwhelming percentage of both tokens during their presales is a clear indication of centralized control and manipulation of the market.

Expert: ZachXBT, a seasoned blockchain investigator, has expressed apprehensions regarding the recent introduction of the PRESI token in the market, which gained significant attention due to the involvement of popular rapper Sexyy Red. Reportedly, Sexyy Red’s team is believed to have acquired around 90% of the entire PRESI token supply during its presale.

The debate surrounding the PRESI token doesn’t end there. ZachXBT brought up another point concerning a token launched an hour prior to PRESI, which reportedly gave its developers approximately 82% of its entire supply. He traced these tokens to a particular consolidation address ending in “jCns.” Currently, this address holds around 82% of the previous token’s total supply.

ZachXBT proposed an intriguing theory regarding the supposed $57,000 sale of PRESI tokens. He noted that the wallet linked to this transaction had recently received new funds from ChangeNow around the same time as the token’s launch. In simpler terms, it’s plausible that the development team might have been behind this transaction.

Janae Wherry, also recognized as Sexyy Red, gained popularity through her chart-topping tunes including “Rich Baby Daddy,” “Looking for the Hoes (Ain’t My Fault),” and “Bow Bow Bow (F My Baby Dad).” Her presence in music and social media is significant with a following of 1.7 million on platform X. However, recent controversy emerged after she requested the PRESI token in a now-deleted post. The details regarding her team’s response to these allegations have yet to surface.

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2024-07-03 01:08