AI to Categorize Cases in Supreme Court: CJI Chandrachud

As a seasoned crypto investor with over three decades of experience in the financial markets, I can relate to Chief Justice Chandrachud’s cautious approach towards incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the judicial system. While I have seen the transformative power of technology in the world of finance, I also understand the importance of human intuition and empathy in making complex judgments.

The Chief Justice of India, D Y Chandrachud, cautioned against hasty integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the judicial system during his speech in Kolkata. He advocated for a thoughtful approach to ensure the technology benefits the legal process without introducing unnecessary risks or biases.

At an occasion in Kolkata, India’s Chief Justice D Y Chandrachud underscored the importance of implementing Artificial Intelligence in the Supreme Court with due caution.

With more than three decades of judicial background, Justice Chandrachud emphasized, “We’re trying out Artificial Intelligence in the Supreme Court… As someone who dedicated 34 years to the craft and science of judging, I don’t prefer having a machine-driven robot pen my judgments…”

In a motor accident compensation case, a machine-operated robot can deliver a mathematically accurate result due to its precision. However, unlike human judges, robots cannot provide the empathy and compassion that comes naturally with human decision-making.

According to Chandrachud’s perspective, the inherent nature of AI may lead to biases and restrictions when it comes to motor accident compensation claims. However, I’d like to clarify that we employ AI in a distinct manner here. In some instances, cases with substantial value are filed in our records.

Wealthy residents can expedite their cases, leaving those with limited resources facing prolonged waits. This disparity raised the idea of incorporating AI technology for case review, thanks to its promise in streamlining the process. The plan is to introduce this AI system into the [

The CJI stated that AI can be used to categorize cases or create case rosters.

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2024-06-29 19:32