Biden odds of presidential race exit hovers 35% on Polymarket

As an analyst with a background in political science and finance, I’ve closely followed the U.S. presidential election scene for years. The recent surge in betting activity on Polymarket regarding President Joe Biden’s potential withdrawal from the race has raised concerns among investors and observers alike.

According to Polymarket, the probability that President Joe Biden will step down from the upcoming U.S. presidential election stands at 35%.

Following Biden’s subpar debate showing against ex-President Donald Trump on July 27, there has been a significant increase in user engagement on the Polymarket prediction marketplace.

Interested parties have placed over $7.1 million worth of bets among themselves, expressing a strong curiosity as to whether Joe Biden will withdraw from the presidential campaign.

The BBC’s criticism of the debate has heightened concerns about Biden’s fitness for another term, with many questioning his effectiveness as a Democratic Party leader. Several aspects of his performance during the debate were perceived as wobbly, and some of his answers were considered incoherent.

During the 90-minute debate, Biden found himself playing defense as Trump made numerous false statements, making it difficult for Biden to finish his thoughts fully.

The New York Times editorials praised President Biden, describing his tenure as one during which the country thrived.

“I believe Mr. Biden could render the most significant service to the public right now by declaring that he will not seek re-election.”

As an analyst, I recognize that during the debate, President Biden acknowledged the challenges posed by his advanced age and rough voice. Nevertheless, he underscored his dedication to upholding truth and maintaining integrity. Regrettably, the debate exposed some difficulties he encountered in effectively conveying a compelling message for a potential second term to the public.

As a researcher studying the upcoming U.S. presidential election, I can tell you that the vote will take place on November 5th. The results of this election are expected to significantly shape the country’s future direction.

Jeo Boden (BODEN) token faces a significant decline

During the presidential debate, the value of the Jeo Boden (BODEN) meme token took a hit, plummeting by more than 50%. The token’s price dipped from 17 cents down to 8 cents before regaining some ground and settling at 9 cents.

Presently, BODEN is trading at 5 cents, marking a 29.7% decline in the past 24 hours.

The significant decrease in BODEN‘s value underscores the fact that political meme coins can be easily influenced by public opinion and news surrounding the associated figures.

Despite neither President Biden nor former President Trump bringing up the topic of cryptocurrency during the debate, the market responded based on their perceived strong points during the discussion.

Over the last week, I’ve noticed that my investment in BODEN hasn’t performed as well as other crypto assets. Specifically, it has declined by a significant 50.9%. In comparison, the overall cryptocurrency market saw a smaller decrease of 3.60%, while meme coins managed to eke out a gain of 4.20% based on data from CoinGecko.

Amidst Boden’s downturn, Bitcoin (BTC) managed to climb by 1.1% within the span of a 90-minute debate. Currently, the Bitcoin (BTC) value remains stable near the $60,864 mark.

The BODEN coin is not affiliated with Biden or the White House.

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2024-06-30 02:56