Binance celebrates 7th birthday: ‘celebration of our community’s incredible support’

As a researcher with a background in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency exchange systems, I’m always intrigued by the milestones and achievements of major players in this industry. Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange by trading volume, is celebrating its seventh anniversary, and it’s an exciting moment for the entire community.

On Friday, Binance, the globally leading cryptocurrency exchange in terms of trading volume, marks its seventh anniversary.

The cryptocurrency giant, established in 2017 and leading the way in crypto adoption, has announced plans for a worldwide initiative to commemorate this significant achievement.

Binance marks milestone with ‘Be Binance’ campaign

In a recent press release, Binance announced that its ‘Be Binance’ campaign is designed to honor the community in celebration of the exchange’s seventh anniversary. Over the past seven years, Binance has experienced remarkable growth, expanding its user base to over 200 million people worldwide.

“Rachel Conlan, Binance’s chief marketing officer, expressed her gratitude for the community’s unwavering backing during Binance’s impressive seven-year journey, referring to it as ‘Be Binance: A Tribute to Our Vibrant Community’s Enduring Support.'”

With unwavering determination, insatiable curiosity, and a strong sense of responsibility, we’ve triumphantly tackled obstacles and savored successes, all made possible by our impressive base of 200 million users. As we continue on the path to financial independence, we remain steadfast in upholding our core values: humility, kindness, collaboration, and gratitude. A heartfelt thank you to each member of our esteemed community for placing their trust in Binance.

Users to win BNB in $7,000 giveaway

Based on the latest news, the “Be Binance” initiative includes face-to-face events, online get-togethers, and engaging social media competitions, amongst other actions. The platform intends to provide unique incentives during these activities and rewards, emphasizing the significance of a strong community in driving blockchain technology advancement and acceptance.

The exchange has earmarked $7,000 in BNB tokens for its giveaway, which will see users win for various social media activities. These include sharing what the term “Be Binance” means to them, answering daily questions or sharing birthday wishes among others. Apart from BNB vouchers, users will also win Binance merchandise.

As a researcher, I would express it this way: I have found that Binance, the cryptocurrency exchange platform, is accessible in more than one hundred countries around the world. Some of the events where Binance has a presence include the United Arab Emirates, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, and Benin.

As a crypto investor, I’m checking the latest statistics from CoinMarketCap, and I’m impressed to find that Binance is currently leading the pack among crypto exchanges with an impressive daily trading volume of over $27 billion at the moment. This figure significantly outweighs that of its closest competitors, such as Bybit with a daily trading volume of approximately $7.5 billion, at around $5 billion, OKX with $4.6 billion, and Coinbase, which stands at roughly $3.8 billion.


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2024-07-05 16:38