Binance CEO Demands Release of Tigran Gambaryan in Nigeria

As a crypto investor with experience in international business and regulatory compliance, I strongly support Binance CEO Richard Teng’s call for the immediate release of Tigran Gambaryan. The prolonged detention of a respected executive like Gambaryan is not only unjust but also harmful to international business relations.

The CEO of Binance, Richard Teng, has implored the Nigerian government to free Tigran Gambaryan, a Binance executive who has been detained in Nigeria for more than two months. In a recent statement, Teng expressed his concern over the situation and emphasized the need for prompt action from the authorities.

As an analyst, I would rephrase it as follows: I’ve noticed that Anjarwalla successfully eluded custody on March 22nd, while Gambaryan continues to be detained. Teng has strongly advocated for Gambaryan’s importance to Binance’s compliance initiatives and his unblemished reputation. He believes the accusations against him are unwarranted and potentially damaging to international business partnerships. Furthermore, Teng voiced worry about the potential repercussions of Gambaryan’s prolonged detention on global business operations. In reaction to this situation, Binance has suspended specific operations in Nigeria, such as P2P transactions and trading with naira pairs, to engage with Nigerian authorities and address regulatory concerns.

Instead, he highlighted the importance of addressing Gambaryan’s case in order to ensure the regularization of Binance’s operations in the area.

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2024-05-07 16:36