Bitpanda Partners Deutsche Bank to Handle Fiat Transactions

As a researcher with extensive experience in the crypto industry, I’m thrilled to witness this major milestone between Bitpanda and Deutsche Bank. This partnership marks an important shift in the perception of cryptocurrencies by traditional financial institutions and is a significant step forward for the entire digital asset trading community.

Vienna’s crypto intermediary, Bitpanda, made public its collaboration with Deutsche Bank AG (DBK), making it the pioneering crypto business to team up with a notable international banking institution, for managing client deposits and withdrawals of traditional currencies.

Exciting news: Reach new heights with us! Bitpanda broadens collaboration with DeutscheBank. Now, we’re providing instant payment solutions and personal IBAN numbers for German users. This is a groundbreaking development for the sector!

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— Bitpanda (@Bitpanda_global) June 4, 2024

As a Bitpanda user, I can now benefit from having access to German IBAN numbers, enabling me to easily convert cryptocurrencies into fiat money and vice versa. Deutsche Bank is on board to facilitate these transactions, supporting both inward and outbound transfers.

As a researcher, I would describe it this way: Bitpanda strives to provide a tailored local solution and contribute to strengthening its status as Europe‘s leading digital asset trading platform. Deutsche Bank offers operational support for cross-currency solutions in Austria and Spain through its subsidiary European Hausbank, thereby partnering with Bitpanda.

“I, Lukas Enzersdorfer-Konrad, Deputy CEO of Bitpanda, am thrilled to announce our new collaboration with Deutsche Bank. Starting today, we can now offer our team and users access to an extensive array of Deutsche Bank’s financial products, bringing numerous advantages to our organization.”

Deutsche Bank is no stranger to cryptocurrencies and tokenization. Last year, it broadened its services through a collaboration with Taurus, enabling it to provide tokenization and cryptocurrency custody solutions.

Kilian Thalhammer, the Global Head of Merchant Solutions at Deutsche Bank, stated with confidence, “Through our partnership with Bitpanda, a reputable and regulated fintech company, we aim to create a safe and trustworthy experience for investors in the emerging sector of virtual asset investment.”

Deutsche Bank’s collaboration with Bitpanda allows users easier access to traditional banking methods for their cryptocurrency transactions. This partnership signifies a shift in the bank’s stance towards digital currencies, simplifying deposit and withdrawal procedures.

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2024-06-04 20:04