Cartesi and Avail Announce Strategic Integration to Advance Web3 Development

As a seasoned crypto investor with a strong background in blockchain technology and development, I am thrilled about the recent collaboration between Cartesi and Avail. Both projects have unique offerings that complement each other perfectly, and their integration will undoubtedly set a new standard for web3 development.

New York, New York, July 2nd, 2024, Chainwire

As a analyst, I’m excited to share that Cartesi and Avail have announced a close collaboration aimed at making significant strides in the field of web3 development. Cartesi, which provides developers with access to a comprehensive Linux environment through its modular execution layer protocol, and Avail, featuring a modular blockchain framework designed for optimal data availability (DA) and the unification of web3, are joining forces to create more scalable and customizable applications.

Through the harmonious fusion of Cartesi’s Linux-based RISC-V execution abilities and Avail’s dependable data access solution, Avail DA, developers can anticipate a unified and instinctive experience. This user-friendly approach streamlines the intricacies of building decentralized applications, ultimately leading to swifter and more productive project launches.

As a analyst, I would explain it this way: With the modular design of our protocol stack, we can leverage the strengths of each individual protocol to create a more robust and powerful solution. This is in contrast to monolithic stacks where all functionalities are integrated, which can limit flexibility and computational power. By integrating Cartesi and Avail, developers will be able to harness the increased computing capabilities of the Cartesi stack, as well as take advantage of the superior data availability features offered by Avail DA.

Anurag Arjun, the Co-Founder of Avail, expressed his excitement about the collaboration between Cartesi and Avail: “Through the integration of Cartesi’s advanced RISC-V Linux platform with Avail DA, we are raising the bar for protocol development ease and efficiency. This alliance allows developers to surmount conventional obstacles, fostering innovation and the launch of next-generation decentralized applications at an accelerated pace. We are delighted to be part of this significant advancement in web3 development.”

The partnership between Cartesi and Avail represents a major advancement in the web3 sector. By providing a specialized data accessibility foundation, essential transaction information remains readily available and authenticated, thereby substantially decreasing the expenses related to on-chain data availability. This leads to more economical and approachable dApps, while dependable data availability is indispensable for the execution layer to carry out transactions and enforce contracts smoothly.

“Erick de Moura, Co-Founder of Cartesi, expressed his enthusiasm over the integration of Cartesi with Avail, stating that it creates a robust foundation for novel applications and scenarios within web3. This is a significant development for us and a much-needed innovation in the industry.”

As a crypto investor, I’m excited about this new partnership because I believe it will significantly enhance the ecosystem’s resilience and adaptability, with a particular focus on gaming and DeFi sectors. This collaboration will provide developers with the freedom to explore and create groundbreaking solutions, unencumbered by the constraints of existing infrastructure.

As a Cartesi analyst, I’d express it this way: With Cartesi, I have the power to develop using a complete Linux environment and high-performance rollups specifically engineered for next-generation decentralized apps (dApps). By seamlessly connecting traditional software development with blockchain technology, Cartesi empowers me to create intricate and scalable dApps effortlessly.

About Cartesi: 

As a analyst, I’d describe Cartesi as follows: I’ve come across an impressive modular blockchain protocol named Cartesi that significantly enhances the web3 landscape. With Cartesi, developers gain access to a robust Linux environment via its native virtual machine. Furthermore, it offers high-performance rollups specifically tailored for next-generation dApps. For more in-depth information, please explore the official website at

About Avail:

Anurag Arjun, a former co-founder of Polygon, heads up the team at Avail. Their mission is to tackle the issue of rollup fragmentation at large scales using a unifying layer. Avail’s approach starts from the ground up, addressing blockchain scalability through Avail DA (Decentralized Architecture), which incorporates technologies similar to Ethereum‘s danksharding roadmap, including KZG Commitments and Data Availability Sampling (DAS). To address growing concerns of fragmentation, Avail Nexus introduces permissionless interoperability, utilizing proof aggregation on the scalable DA layer. Lastly, Avail Fusion strengthens the platform’s security through multi-asset staking.

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