Coinbase Considers Relisting Terra Luna Classic (LUNC)

As an experienced analyst in the cryptocurrency market, I have seen my fair share of ups and downs, including the infamous collapse of Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) and its stablecoin TerraUSD (UST) in 2022. The aftermath of that event was devastating for many investors, with over $60 billion lost in the crash.

According to a recent post, there are plans at Coinbase to restart supporting Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) on their cryptocurrency exchange. This announcement has sparked optimism within the LUNC community, with some believing that this could potentially lead to increased value for LUNC, possibly reaching new price peaks.

JUST IN: $LUNA is showing as a asset not supported by #Coinbase, and $LUNC is showing available to trade on Coinbase wallet. Bullish! Time to send #LunaClassic to the moon! 🚀🌕💎🤲🏻 #Crypto #LUNCcommunity — Mr. Diamondhandz1💎 (@MrDiamondhandz1) May 13, 2024

In 2022, LUNA and its stablecoin TerraUSD experienced a significant downturn. This decline resulted in both assets being removed from various exchanges, resulting in a substantial loss of approximately $60 billion.

As an analyst, I’ve noticed an intriguing development regarding LUNC and its status on Coinbase. Initially identified as an “asset not supported” on the primary Coinbase platform, it was nonetheless available for trading through Coinbase Wallet. This discrepancy has sparked speculation among some market observers that a relisting on the main Coinbase platform could be imminent.

One active community user, MrDiamondhandz1, pointed out that the Coinbase Wallet indicates that LUNC will be available shortly, yet there’s no information provided regarding LUNA.

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2024-05-14 04:05