Colombian President Accepted $500K Illicit Crypto Donation?

As an experienced financial analyst, I find the allegations against Colombian President Gustavo Petro of accepting over half a million dollars in illicit crypto donations from a fraudulent project to fund his 2022 campaign deeply concerning. The involvement of Daily COP and its co-founder Sebastián Betancourt adds an air of suspicion to this matter.

It’s been reported that Colombian President-elect Gustavo Petro is under investigation for having received more than half a million dollars in allegedly ill-gotten crypto funds from a suspected fraudulent scheme to finance his 2022 presidential campaign.

Based on reports from local news outlets, Daily COP, a cryptocurrency initiative, allegedly contributed approximately $514,036 worth of crypto, equivalent to 2 billion Colombian pesos, to Petro’s election fund in the year 2022.

In February 2022, I found myself huddled around a table at a quaint bakery in Bogota with my campaign manager Ricardo Roa and Sebastián Betancourt, one of the co-founders of Daily COP. The warm aroma of freshly baked goods filled the air as we engaged in a productive discussion about potential collaborations between Petro and their organization.

At the meeting, the presence of a past collaborator on the token project, Omar Hernández, was notable. He disclosed that during the discussion, the challenges surrounding the implementation of [blockchain] technology and regulatory aspects were brought up. The intention was to establish some form of partnership or collaboration with the government in this regard.

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2024-05-10 23:00