Crypto Scammer Returns Most of Stolen Millions After Negotiations

As a researcher who has followed the crypto space closely, I can’t help but be intrigued by this latest development in the $1155 Wrapped Bitcoin phishing scam that resulted in a loss of nearly $68 million for an unfortunate user. The fact that over 96% of the stolen funds have been recovered is nothing short of remarkable and offers a glimmer of hope in an industry notorious for its lack of security and the prevalence of scams.

As a crypto investor who unfortunately fell victim to an address poisoning scam and lost approximately $68 million worth of assets, I’m elated to share that over 96% of the stolen funds have been recovered. The attacker, after obtaining 1,155 Wrapped Bitcoins, swiftly converted them into Ethereum (ETH). Currently, around $65.7 million in ETH, represented by approximately 22,960 ETH units, has been returned to my wallet. Since early Friday morning, numerous Ethereum-holding wallets have been transferring ETH to the recovered address.

🧐The attackers behind the 1155 $WBTC phishing incident appear to be returning the funds. — SlowMist (@SlowMist_Team) May 10, 2024

The victim at early on reached out to the attacker via a message on saying,

“You won bro.

Keep 10% to yourself and get 90% back.

Then we’ll forget about that.

We both know that 7m will definetely make your life better, but 70m won’t let you sleep well.”

As a crypto investor, I would rephrase it as follows: The security team working on my behalf has potentially uncovered crucial information about the attacker’s identity. This intelligence could significantly strengthen my hand during any upcoming negotiations with those responsible for the breach.

The tale brings solace to those affected, but not all crypto scams involve criminals open to reimbursement negotiations. Such occurrences illustrate the value of remaining composed during financial setbacks. Caution is advised: verify wallet addresses meticulously before transferring any cryptocurrency.

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2024-05-11 05:56