Do kwon’s Wife Wins Lawsuit to Reclaim Seized Real Estate

As a seasoned crypto investor who has closely followed the developments surrounding Terraform Labs and the Terra Luna incident, I am relieved to hear that Ms. Lee’s real estate assets have been spared from seizure in this latest court ruling. The legal battle over the ownership and asset origins of these properties has been a long-standing concern for many, especially given the high-profile nature of the case and the involvement of Kwon Do-hyung.

In the Seoul Southern District Court’s decision, Ms. Lee, as Kwon Do-hyung’s wife, was granted the right to recover her previously confiscated real estate shares. The court established that these properties were individually owned by Ms. Lee and had been acquired in her name throughout their marriage. Kwon Do-hyung is the CEO of Terraform Labs and a prominent figure associated with the Terra Luna incident.

Court Blocks Seizure of Ms. Lee’s Real Estate

On July 11, the court determined that the state did not have the authority to take control of Ms. Lee’s real estate shares and subscription rights. The court could not find sufficient proof that these assets were purchased using funds linked to Kwon.

As a legal analyst, I would rephrase that sentence as follows: The courts have put a hold on the seizure and enforcement of these properties until a final judgment has been reached.

Legal Battle Over Ownership and Asset Origins

As a crypto investor, I can tell you that in my case, I personally used my own funds, derived from my virtual asset investments, to purchase those assets. The court recognized this fact and didn’t find any evidence indicating that the funds were connected to Kwon. Consequently, the government’s claim that the properties belonged to Kwon was rejected due to insufficient proof.

In the court’s decision, it was highlighted that Ms. Lee’s income from her salary and cryptocurrency investments played a significant role in enabling her real estate purchases. The ruling acknowledged her ownership of a 10% stake in an apartment building in Seongsu-dong and subscriptions to officetels in Nonhyeon-dong. Nevertheless, the court did not consider this argument persuasive due to various reasons, including jurisdictional issues and the difficulty of accepting such an argument without solid justification.

In April 2022, prior to the devastating collapse of Terra Luna, Kwon left South Korea and was subsequently apprehended in Montenegro for allegedly producing a fake passport. He now confronts accusations of securities fraud in the United States, with authorities asserting that he misled investors regarding Terra’s resilience.

Last month, Terraform Labs reached an agreement to pay a total of $4.47 billion in restitution and penalties following a court verdict that held Kwon accountable.

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2024-07-11 19:00