Enter the Wasteland: Survive, Conquer and Thrive in a Post-Apocalyptic Playground with DECIMATED

As a researcher with a background in gaming and digital economics, I am truly captivated by the innovative vision of DECIMATED. Having followed the development of this game since its early days as an indie start-up, it’s inspiring to see how far they have come with the support of esteemed investors and a passionate community.

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As the sun rises on the digital gaming horizon, the brilliant minds at DECIMATED are thrilled to reveal their innovative foray into the gritty and alluring future of online games. DECIMATED, an original 3rd person PvP and PvE online game, beckons players to embark on a never-before-seen adventure through a vast dystopian landscape. With unlimited exploration at their fingertips, players can shape their own destiny as human survivors or cybernetic law enforcers in a world where nature and technology clash in pandemonium.

A New World Awaits: Immersive Gameplay and Unparalleled Adventure

In the core of DECIMATED lies a meticulously crafted, engrossing universe that puts every player’s instinct for survival to the ultimate test. They are thrust into a ruthless struggle for life amidst the apocalyptic wreckage, teeming with mutated beasts, hazardous environments, and adversarial survivors. The intriguing storyline is amplified by allowing players to recover high-tech gear, unearth hidden riches, and traverse the challenges of a fractured society on the verge of renewal.

DECIMATED serves as a powerful reminder of endurance, planning, and adaptability, providing a playground brimming with potential. In the aftermath of a devastated landscape, participants can repair damaged vehicles, construct robust fortifications, and maneuver through perilous territories teeming with menacing robots, terrifying bio-creatures, and other malformed beings. Interactions with fellow players are crucial in establishing order amidst the turmoil, as alliances or rivalries are formed to cultivate a sense of civilization within the chaotic environment.

Enter the Wasteland: Survive, Conquer and Thrive in a Post-Apocalyptic Playground with DECIMATED

Backed by 46 Investors and a Growing Community

As a crypto investor, I’m excited to share that Decimated, the studio behind an intriguing project, received a significant boost with a $34M Epic Mega Grant and investment from 46 prominent backers in late 2021. Up until then, Fracture Labs, Decimated’s development team, had been self-funded for three years as an indie startup.

A Quest for Dominance in the Wasteland: The DIO Token

In DECIMATED, the economic aspect of gameplay experiences a significant shift with the introduction of the DIO token. This digital currency is integrated into the game using the Solana blockchain and will be interoperable across all titles developed by Fracture Labs. The result is a dynamic in-game economy where every decision and action made by players is rewarded with DIO. Transactions, trades, and discoveries of treasures in this desolate world are all evaluated based on the value of DIO, thus merging the virtual game economy with real-world economic concepts. The excitement of loot hunting and trading becomes even more captivating as a result.

In the vast and unpredictable world of DECIMATED, there are countless methods for amassing wealth. adventurous souls can explore the unknown terrain, retrieving abandoned cargo and advanced technology. They may engage in both legitimate business deals and underhanded transactions to secure their fortune. This could involve hijacking convoys for treasure, embarking on perilous quests, or selling valuable discoveries on the online marketplace. Surviving and thriving in DECIMATED’s desolate landscape necessitates quick thinking, courage, and a well-thought-out plan. The game boasts a leaderboard system that recognizes top performers, regardless of whether they prefer to play alone or as part of a guild or clan.

Enter the Wasteland: Survive, Conquer and Thrive in a Post-Apocalyptic Playground with DECIMATED

A Game Forged for the Future at Token2049 Dubai

In their latest declaration, DECIMATED has officially endorsed Token2049 Dubai, highlighting their dedication to groundbreaking ideas, blockchain technology, and the thriving digital economy. Through this sponsorship, they showcase their vision of a future where gaming goes beyond simple amusement to serve as a foundation for virtual economies in immersive worlds. Players will have the opportunity to acquire genuine rewards through tournaments in this innovative landscape.

The DECIMATED listing on the Epic Games Store caused a great deal of anticipation within the community in May 2024, even though the specific launch date remains undisclosed. However, it is known that the open alpha phase is planned for late 2024, and as the days pass, the fervor surrounding this upcoming event continues to escalate, with gamers and enthusiasts urged to stay tuned for what could potentially become a groundbreaking moment in the realm of online gaming.


In the realm of future online gaming, DECIMATED stands out as a pioneer, delivering an engaging 3rd person perspective for both player-versus-player (PvP) and player-versus-environment (PvE) experiences. Immerse yourself in a post-apocalyptic universe teeming with intricate details, where your actions shape your journey. DECIMATED’s distinctive digital economy and limitless opportunities for exploration, combat, and alliances encourage players to carve their unique legacies. Each choice you make could be the distinction between thriving or perishing in this dynamic world.

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